JEANNE DU BARRY⎜Trailer (EN subtitles)

Jeanne du Barry, in theatres MAY 16th. Jeanne du Barry, au cinéma le 16 MAI. [Subtitles added by me.] ✨My Instagram …
Jeanne du Barry Trailer (EN subtitles) in German – The Story of a Mistress

Jeanne du Barry was a mistress to King Louis XV of France during the 18th century. She was born in 1743 in Vaucouleurs, France and later moved to Paris where she became a courtesan, a woman who offered her services as a companion to wealthy men. Her beauty and charm caught the eye of the king, who became her lover and made her his official mistress.

The film, Jeanne du Barry Trailer, showcases the life of this controversial historical figure. The trailer, which has English subtitles, shows Jeanne living a life of luxury and excess as the king’s mistress. She enjoys lavish parties, fine clothing, and expensive jewels, all paid for by the king’s treasury. However, her indulgences and extravagances make her a target for those who are jealous of her position.

The trailer also shows the political turmoil of the time, with the people of France revolted by the excesses and extravagances of the royal court. Jeanne’s beauty may have gained her favor with the king, but it did little to endear her to his subjects who saw her as a symbol of the king’s excesses.

The film depicts the political intrigue of the time, with Jeanne caught in the middle of it all. She must navigate the treacherous waters of French high society while also attempting to maintain her position as the king’s mistress. But as the tide turns against the monarchy and revolution looms, Jeanne’s fate becomes uncertain.

The trailer showcases the film’s stunning visuals, with lavish period costumes, elaborate interior design, and breathtaking scenery. The cast, led by actress Elsa Zylberstein, brings to life the characters and their struggles, giving viewers an intimate look at the life of one of history’s most notorious mistresses.

Jeanne du Barry Trailer offers a fascinating look at one of history’s most intriguing historical figures. With its stunning visuals and intimate portrayal of life at the French court, the film promises to be a must-see for history buffs and cinema lovers alike.